How to contact a warehouse artist

I found some very nice models in the 3dwarehouse web, but I would like to comment some things to the author and ask him about his models.
Is there a way to contact the authors of the models you find in 3dwarehouse?
I clicked everywhere and logged in but cant seem to find any way.
Thank you.


Yes! There needs to be a way to contact artists, it would also be nice if you could list a web site or social media on your profile.


I could put some of the 3D Warehouse artists to work if could contact them. Seems like it would be great feature to add. Make it optional in a user’s account.


Back then, before February 2014, we contacted each other through ratings and reviews. That was before Trimble made that infamous change to the website and ignored our protests to put it back on.

I gotta say it is pretty ridiculous this is not a feature yet. Horribly crippling, what is the point of even sharing works if you cannot communicate about them?

I wish folks could see how incredibly hard working the 3DW engineering team has been. We knew when we launched 3DW originally it wasn’t going to have feature parity with the Google 3DW but we added a couple extra things we felt would be great for users: like the embedded 3D Model Viewer. I can assure everyone that these folks are far from done with adding features to 3DW that we believe are going to be super valuable. (I will have to upload photos to Instagram some time to show you).

If you have decided to leave 3DW because of the differences we respect your decision but encourage you to keep an eye on it for future updates, because the future for 3DW is going to be awesome-sauce.

Thanks for being a part of the community.

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I’m adding my voice to this request also. Having such a feature associated with this site augments the utility of the SketchUp community overall and would serve to expand the market for the software as well.


Try it now. <Post must be at least 20 characters>

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I found some nice models in 3D Warehouse. Is there a possibility to contact the artist? If not, where to I get best freelance Sketch Up artist for modelling etc.?



either here or for the German spoken D/A/CH area here.

Suggested edit to your post: parity (not parody!)

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This is a valid observation, but unfortunately, the Community Manager’s comment was posted in February 2015 and she left this position more than a year ago.

Aha! Information I either didn’t have - or didn’t remember! As least I tried …