3D Warehouse Update?


First time posting here although, I have been a Sketchup user since 2018. I am an Interior Architect working for a big firm. We use Sketchup pro, however I also have my own private “Profile” where I upload my models for everybody to use as I do personal and professional models and I would like to keep using them in the event I do not work for the same company nin the future (I am quite an extensive sharer).

However I have seen a change in the Warehouse search between “Free profile” and “Pro profile”? When I search with the “Free profile” I have about 40 models low quality, while with the “Pro profile”, I have thousands models as usual. Am I the only one?

I usually connect to my license with the “pro Profile” for the licence to be connected on the software but then connect to the “free profile” where I have all my base of uploaded models, folders, liked models. So it is becoming super difficult to navigate…

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click on your profile top right, and turn off / on the labs features.

it uses AI to give you fewer more relevant results.

Fantastic! That was it, I looked everywhere on google and couldn’t find a thing! Thank you.

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