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I have noticed a ‘Drop in Quality’ in the 3D Warehouse Large Thumbnail ‘Preview’ Images. This appears to have happened during the last week or so. I uploaded a model earlier today, and the Lineweight appears to have increased, despite Line Profiles being set a 1 and Depth Cues OFF in my model. (See Image Below). The same applies to another loaded earlier in the week.



The last Model (14 October 2017) is a much larger building, yet appears to be drawn with more finesse. I realise that Building Size, has nothing to do with Image Size, yet the earlier Previews appear to be far more ‘Crisp!’ Also, JPEGs Exported from the Model appear to be fine.

I am using SketchUP 2016 32 Bit on Windows 7

I agree…and seen your before and after models…this is in my opinion the incapacity of 3D warehouse software after you upload your model, to cater and render for both scenarios of having profiles on or off in your model and resulting in the thumbnail being heavy…this was done (I’m speculating) to help those people that have the opposite problem where their profiles aren’t marked as much in the generated thumbnail .

I have done the same. Updating the ‘Style’ in the Model File to have Profiles=1 makes no difference to what is seen in the 3D Warehouse preview - It still shows ‘Thick Lines’ irrespective of Profile Settings. Like you, I consider this to be important. Recently, several projects have arisen purely from what people see on 3D Warehouse. However, I cannot see this continuing if Poor Quality Previews are to be the norm. Afterall, if we can put a man on the moon . . . . .

Has this problem gone into the box marked “Too Difficult?” - Or the box marked “Don’t talk about it and it might go away!” I have received several derogatory comments regarding ‘Preview Quality’ over the last few days. Even if this issue is to remain ‘Unresolved’ could SketchUP please just say that, in order that alternative arrangements can be made.

Discussing internally…

And please only post this once. Do you want to discuss this here or Edge Profiles not displayed in Model Thumbnail

‘Where’ this is discussed is largely immaterial. However, continue the thread here, for the time being. More importantly, is a solution imminent?

Internally does matter, because externally you can’t change what our renderbots do. We can’t talk about futures, which is why I can’t say much. But when we do fix this, just as we did for this “fix” that made some modelers happy, I’d be happy to re-render your models for you. We’re using all models listed here as examples of what we need to address.


As we are unable to discuss ‘The Future’ I can only ‘Anticipate a Resolution.’ However, it would appear rather premature to assume that the reply ‘Solves the Problem.’

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