[Feature Request] White around black text

White around black text

I often run into this problem and I’m sure others have, too. When a dimension crosses a line visually, there is nothing to distinguish the text from the line.


I’d like to see an option for putting white behind/around the text portion of dimensions so that the numbers are easier to read.

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At least it’s still legible, but I see your point. I think it would be a helpful addition to SketchUp, but also… The more feature you have, the more features you have to maintain (bug check, etc.), teach, etc. Even the select tool has caused lag on Windows computers, so I’m assuming keeping it simple would be easier for the developers to manage… and less buggy for the users.

My main problem with the dimensions is when they’re overlapping each other, rendering them illegible.

Although, it’s fixable by moving some dimensions around, but it definitely takes some time. Maybe I’m doing it wrong. I don’t know.

The white background wouldn’t solve that because it’d block out other dimensions, but it would help with clarity in other instances (like your example).

Of course both of those things are taken care of in LO. :wink:

Until fill is available for dimensions in SketchUp, if it ever happens, an alternative would be place the dimension above the part so the text isn’t confused with the lines behind.

And you get hyphens automatically so 1-5/32" isn’t confused with 15/32".

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I don’t think you are doing anything wrong but you could say you are fighting two problems. One is the scale of the thing you are dimensioning. The other is that you guys over the pond are still using imperial measurements! So 1 5/32" would only be 29mm in metric. And you don’t really need the mm if that is the only unit you ever work in.

And before anyone takes this too seriously, bear in mind that here in the UK we may work in metric but our road distances are still in miles!


You can thank our brilliant politicians for that. They tried years back to switch but backed down. So when working on many thing one has to figure out if the fasteners are imperial or metric. Mechanics need two sets of wrenches and sockets. Just loads of fun!

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