Feature request: translation when search

That’s it. Unless you search for worldwide words like banana, Coca Cola etc, searching for 3D warehouse components requires you to search into your language, than in English (if nothing is found). Sometimes you have to open google translate in order to lookup at that word.
Could this be automated?

Ha, I also search often in multiple languages! After all, we want to find things that match a specific meaning and not care about how they are named.

  • A problem of a more intelligent search (that injects synonyms) is that the amount of results increases. It would include more false positives or poorly named items. Keyword spam is currently a problem in 3D Warehouse, as well as sequences of similar results (100 variants of an item from the same manufacturer, which could be grouped within the search results).

  • What do you think of better categorization? Like a catalog of all things that exist in the universe (“ontology”), which could easily be translated.

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