Opinions wanted: 3dwarehouse


Is it me or has the recent change in layout and search-usability resulted in the 3dwarehouse going tits-up? Where I used to find things reasonably easy before, now it stops and nags about maybe the wrong term (not), does not translate, and worse gives much less usefull results then previously? How are your experiences?


I don’t know if there’s been any changes to the search algorithm. It looks better but I haven’t noticed any differences in function.


I don’t believe there was a change in search algorithm. The new search results page brought forth our advanced search capabilities that was not discoverable before and harder to use.


Hi Vixay,
It might be some info is visible now, but to me it give lesser usable info, wastes screenspace and woth that visible options, and has much less results because it stops much earlier, stopping inbetween for bands about wrong terminology. My option would be screen wide, pics only, text on top of image, scroll forever.


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