3D warehouse1

Is the “Category” “subcategory” and the search bar tools the only tools to find things? Still receiving zero results for some common information

What are you searching for? What is this “common information”?

The warehouse defaults to ‘Products’, make sure you select ‘Models’.

thanks for the reply. it should be no different than a library cross reference search. The general category as provided is “transportation” then subcategory "other’ (streets), and the foreign country Italy. I’m building a landscape project and want the architecture unique.

If you aren’t finding what you want, it’s probably because no one has modeled it yet and shared it in the Warehouse. You could be the first one to do it.

Thanks, sounds good. So does the search tools and ways are correct? general “category” for transportation, then subcategory for “bikes, streets etc” and country or city, etc? to find specific topics?

Just put in the most specific terms you can come up with in the search field. Keep in mind that it is users that upload content and it is those users who decide what words to use when they do so. They may not use the words you think they should.

Thanks again, Its all clear now. Have a good day !

thanks for the help !