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Hello everyone, I’ve been using the warehouse for many years, I used the site when it was cooperated with google, but now I can notice a big change in the quality of search engines used in the current site, there are all models you need about any subject but you simply can’t reach them, when you search for a specific items you’d simply get like 50% - 75% completely unrelated items, while items you REALLY need will not show (despite its existance). I liked the hashtags idea, this can make a big progress but the problem might be also caused by the big diversity in languages used by designers to name or describe 3D models, especially less well-known languages.
I suggest improving the quality of search iengines, and offering translation options, maybe?
This is only my perspective, What are your points of view? Do you agree with me? Did you face any problems like what I had?



I think it depends on what is the major reason for the unrelated search results.

Translations (like automatic translation of either search terms or model metadata) would help users who are themselves not familiar with English, or discover models that have been described in another language. It makes the search broader. If not well-implemented, search terms could be interpreted in the wrong language. For example a search containing “thick denso dick” would just add undesired results compared to a search containing “thick”. Similarly synonyms can make the search broader.

On the other side, one could try to make the search narrower (like the intersection set of two searches). Maybe the unrelated items contain the first search term (either rightfully or in a different context or even for attention grabbing). With a second search term one should get the items where the both terms are used in the same context. If you are looking for “beaver tail roof tile” you might get some models of houses where the modeler added the tag “roof” or models of beavers, but results about the common concept should be ranked highest.



I can’t talk about futures, but in general, we are working on search quality. There are a few other threads I’ve posted to that speak to what you can do now from https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/advancedsearch.html, such as only searching catalogs, creating your own collections of other authors’ high quality models, searching only models with high or low polygon counts depending on your needs, etc…

It was not easy at Google, either, when someone intentionally puts in bad meta-data. We’ll do better.


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