Feature Request - Stop asking me if I want to Save a blank document

Common steps:

  1. Launch Sketchup.
    (the default template opens and is named “untitled”)

  2. Use File > Open menu to open a different sketchup file or a recently used file.

  3. You see this:

I see this about 20 times a day…can it be turned off if the doc is unchanged from the template?

How about this until such time as your feature request is granted? Open the launch SketchUp to the Welcome window and then click on Open file… That way you don’t have to open your default template at all unless you’re going to start a new model

This shouldn’t happen by default. Sounds like you have an extension that is ‘doing something’ at start up.


Good point. I guess the feature request has already been granted. :slight_smile:

Interesting theory.

I don’t have many extensions loaded as this is a new build on a new laptop…will try to disable and test a few. All are simple, eg Eneroth Flatten to Plane and Cleanup3. except Vali Instant Road…that’s the “complex” one.


If the ‘Show Welcome Window’ in [menu] Window > Preferences > General is unchecked, launching SketchUp will open the preferred Template.