Feature Request: Layout - Panning

Panning is not intuitive in Layout, especially on Mac.

Mac’s don’t have a “middle” button, and neither do most laptops or trackpads.

Feature request: Enable touchpad support so that to pan, you simply move with two fingers down. To zoom, use the “pinch” zoom that is so universal.

Are you talking about panning across the paper space?

Yes…based on other Mac applications, you hold two fingers and drag to pan. It would be more intuitive for Layout on Mac to use this same UI convention, and also use pinch to zoom like in other apps.

At the moment, on Mac Layout, you need to manually change the tool to the “hand” tool in order to pan, and two fingers dragging results in a Zoom.

When enable two finger pan is checked, pinch to zoom also works.

Actually, pinch to zoom works even if enable two finger pan is not checked.

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Awesome, thank you!

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