Pan command in Layout on MacOS - so many keys!

Call to the Mac users out there…

In layout I seem to need pan a lot, for placing dimensions accurately… but do use Pan on a Mac you need:
Control + Command + Option + Mouse click drag… 4 buttons!

Anyone like me wish this could just be done with 1 button and the mouse? .e.g Option+drag

Or even better, with “context-click”/drag???

Would make life a lot easier

Can’t you use middle click + drag?

Using what mouse? If you are using an Apple magic mouse, that’s making your life harder than necessary. SketchUp was designed with a three-button, center scroll wheel mouse in mind. They are inexpensive, so easiest answer is to get one.

The easiest way is to just use the middle button on your mouse. There is also a Pan tool. The default keyboard shortcut is ‘h’ then just drag with left mouse button. You can put the pan tool (hand) on your toolbar if you want. View Menu -> Customize Toolbar. Or right-click on the toolbar, choose Customize Toolbar and drag the hand to your toolbar.

Thanks all… I’m using trackpad because that’s the best device for navigating MacOS.

Just seems strange that the developers chose such a combination of keys when the other more simpler ones aren’t being used.

I don’t really want another mouse as I’ve got a SpaceMouse as well. If the SpaceMouse device worked in layout that would also be good.

That might be but it’s not the best device for navigating in SketchUp or LayOut.

Maybe you could contact 3D Connexion’s Customer Support and suggest they add support for LayOut. If they see there are enough users who want it, they might decide it’s worthwhile to put some development into it.

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I only use trackpad too, and there are a couple of things to know:

In SketchUp you would do control-command-drag to start an orbit going, but you don’t have to keep the keys held down. You can switch in and out of pan by pressing the shift key.

In LayOut you are immediately in the orbit tool, you only have to press shift to pan.

Something else, in accessibility I have it set to treat three fingers on the trackpad as a press, that means I can do delicate movements of things without having to do a mechanical press downwards. It’s a very gentle way of working.

Also, once you are orbiting after using three fingers to start that, you can release two fingers, and with a soft stroke of the trackpad with one finger you can continue to orbit or pan.

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Thanks Colin. That’s all helpful info.

It’s the 2D environment I’m trying to manipulate, not the 3D view. It seems very graphics heavy and the zoom function seems overly sensitive which doesn’t help.

I’ve submitted a request to 3DConnexion to see if they will support Layout. But would be good to see Sketchup do something to improve this as well… 2D AutoCAD handles this better! (2 finger pan on trackpad)