Anyone missing SPACE BAR+LEFT CLICK panning in LayOut?

Are any other LayOut users missing Adobe’s Space Bar + Left Click>Drag command for Panning?

I know you can apparently do Shift+Scroll Wheel click, but for those of us who use trackballs with no middle mouse button, moving without zooming in LayOut gets just a little tedious.

I also realize that Space is already a shortcut in LayOut, assigned by default to Select tool. I’m just wishing there’s any way, with whatever key or combination of keys, to switch to Pan just while holding down said key(s), then when key(s) are released, previously used tool is still active.

Am I missing something that’s already there?

Look to the top menus … Edit > Preferences > Shortcuts


Thanks for response @Geo. Looked there already but as far as I’m aware, it’s not possible to do a press-and-hold shortcut that reverts back to the tool in use when you release shortcut key.

Does your trackball use both buttons (together) as the middle button?
If so that I think would give you Pan as the default for LayOut.

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Only if I set it to do so, which I have tried, but haven’t found to be a very natural interaction for me (uncomfortable).

I suppose that’s the price one has to pay for using a trackball…still worth it.

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The default actions are set up to sort of mimic SketchUp. CMB for Pan, Spacebar for Select… Both designed to work with basic three-button mice. I get what you’re asking about but most people seem to want LayOut to more closely match SketchUp.


Makes sense. I guess my original question still stands, which maybe I didn’t make clear enough.

Are any other LayOut users missing Adobe’s Space Bar + Left Click>Drag command for Panning?

Which was my subtle way of saying “Feature Request.”

Is it too confusing to have both options? Is it maybe an option to have press-and-hold capability to user-assigned shortcuts, or is that not practical? Maybe there’s no other use for it in SketchUp or LayOut and therefore not worth the trouble. That’s why I posted: to suggest and find out.

Thanks to all for responses.

Well, then. To answer your question…

I’m not missing it. I find panning with the CMB works just fine for me. You can hold Shift to make it exactly like panning in SketchUp if you like. My preference would be to keep SketchUp and LayOut more closely linked as they are rather than trying to make LayOut work like some other unrelated program.

I don’t know about the mechanics of making keys other than the modifier keys act only when they are being held. Might be possible.


The way Adobe tools do panning is neat, especially in Photoshop, where holding the H key down will zoom back to show the whole document, so you can set the area you want to zoom into.

What Dan said sounds like the simplest option.

As for me, I just use trackpad, which of course has no middle mouse button, but I find tapping H to start panning, and tapping spacebar (or whatever my next tool needs to be) to stop panning, is as easy as if I had held down the spacebar for the duration of the pan.

don’t think I have ever used the pan command in all my years of SU/LO… just scroll wheel zoom in and out of the area of interest


Yes, I’ve used Photoshop and Illustrator for decades and loved that feature. PowerCADD does also support that feature, so it makes me miss it in SU/LO all the more. I’ve started to make use of LO a bit in the past year since 3D Basecamp, but it has not displaced PowerCADD has my main 2D drawing/drafting tool.

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That’s my background too, and I used to not think much of it. Since taking a year’s (unplanned) break from architectural drafting and using Photoshop, Illustrator, and Adobe XD on a daily basis, I’ve come back into LayOut and realized just how slow it truly is to zoom in and out all the time.

Thanks @colin for response.

Main problem with this method is that if I’m in the middle of using a tool like say I selected one point for my dimension and want to shift over a bit to place second point, tapping H cancels whatever I haven’t committed with the dimension tool. Photoshop hold down space key allows me to pan and instantly return to tool, still active as if I never left.

The way I get around that in SketchUp is to left mouse drag while holding control and command, for orbit, and also shift for pan (you can release the control and command keys once you are orbiting). In LayOut control and command held down does let you temporarily pan, and your existing tool remains active afterwards.

I can’t find a Windows equivalent of that ability.

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