Problems with new shortcuts

Good day everyone.

Problem: can’t change shortcut (sad)

  • want to change PAN on SPACE
    *middle button of mouse on PAN or Select

SketchUp crashes.

Help me to figure out it or give some useful tips, please.

Some keys (space, ctrl, shift etc.) cannot be changed…

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Oh. It’s pity.

Thanks a lot for feedback.

That’s determined by the operating system. Also shortcuts that are hard-coded in the operating system cannot be changed.

Why do you want to change the keyboard shortcut for Pan? If you use a standard 3-button mouse as SketchUp was designed to work with, you won’t need any keyboard shortcut for Pan, Orbit, or Zoom. I reassigned all three of those default keyboard shortcuts long ago and omitted the toolbar buttons years ago.

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Your variant is perfect.

Actually, my current mouse has 4 buttons with these functions: Select(left), Orbit(wheel), Zoom (wheel) and menu of right button of mouse, and one button near to wheel with orbit function too. If i try change it then sketchup crashes again.

or i can’t catch specific of working with mouse :woman_shrugging: :woman_shrugging:

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