Feature Request : Description Area

Can you increase the area for the Description – the three lines visible are barely enough to describe the features and / or limitations of components, particularly Dynamic components …

Hey gsharp! And to verify, you mean in this area?

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Hi Guz, yep… you seem to have a lot of spare space on that page

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Also, while we’re at it, could the description area respect the text layout ?

Here is how I typed the descriptions, in english and french, with a couple of lines between them

Capture d’écran 2024-02-10 à 00.44.08

here is how it shows to the public :

Capture d’écran 2024-02-10 à 00.43.57

Even just going back to the line (ignoring empty lines) would be better than piling all the text.


Yes Agree !

when trying to explain complex details, formating the text with clear breaks, tabs, bullets is essential… and needs to be respected in the display!

PS I have considered a URL link to a help docuument on my google drive but this would be much better if it was embedded in the model uplooad! The need for this stems from the lack of comments capability in dynamic compoonents coding…

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Try putting <br> to break the line as it seems to be html
Also you can put bold by enclosing them inside <b>bold text here</b>

try html syntax

Doing all that manually doesn’t always work - I tried it shortly after things changed in the Warehouse last year. Prior to the changes, we didn’t have to go thru all that. I actually now go to another forum I am on, go thru the motions of starting a new thread/topic, create my description, clik on “Source,” copy the content with all the tags and stuff, then paste it into the description for my new model.

We really shouldn’t have to do all that, though. I’m not a webmaster, but I really fail to understand why Trimble thought it necessary to take away our ability to write descriptions without them being turned into one long paragraph, or having to work so hard to make them look decent.

Sorry, I only wanted to help. I tried two hours ago and it worked for me.

I didn’t think of that :slight_smile:
I tried some markdown, like on the forum, but not HTML, thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

but it kinda makes my point, if the warehouse is for everyone, you shouldn’t know HTML (and think of it) to simply add a line.
the description would be WYSIWYG.

off I go, <br> <br> <br> it’s getting cold in here :slight_smile:

edit : oh yeah, it works :slight_smile:

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No apology need…I meant no harm. :wink: Perhaps something was “improved” over the last few months, as there were some complaints (there’s a thread around here somewhere) about the issue. I was only pointing out that we shouldn’t have to do that now, when we didn’t have to do it before.

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This is some good feedback. Discussing this with UX and QA now. It takes a little time to go from this stage to actual implementation, but the conversation has been started. Thank you!