Could we please put the dimensions of an item in the title or at least the description?

I’m drawing a plan of our house and find it a real problem when importing stuff from the warehouse to find something that fits.

For example search for FIREPLACE and try to find out what size any of them are.

Or shower stalls, although many are labeled.

Appliances??? Import and measure, repeat. Windows??!!

I’m not interested in how many have been downloaded or “likes” received, I want to know how big of an opening they need.


It would most definitely benefit the user to be able to somehow see the model’s bounds on the 3DW model page, although just where is debatable.

It is obvious that the model file has been inspected to produce the polygon, component and material counts.
The model’s bounds could also easily be extracted and displayed in the statistics listing box (whatever it is called.)

This idea has other scenarios, not just the view of the 3DW model webpage.

But also the various display settings in the SketchUp Component inspector browser pane.
I like to have the Component browser in “List” mode, in which there is space for another column which might display the bounds as (H x W x D).
Details mode could show the bounds below the description.
In the 2 Thumbnail modes, there might be a optional details subpanel that would display for the thumbnail image under the mouse cursor.

Agreed. This information could be redesigned to take up less space (icons instead of captions and smaller numerals.)

In addition all these “sharing” links take up excessive space. (These items could also be reduced

This would give more space for the model bounds.

I like this general idea very much.


With the premature advanced attributes, a start is made?
Size attribute could be generated automaticallu, price should have valuta( and correct display of native point/delimeter), and we need a proper area attribute as well…

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