"Falha para abrir o documento" - Algúem consegue me ajudar com esse erro?

Boa tarde. Até ontem esse arquivo abria tranquilamente. Ao tentar abrir ele hoje, recebi a seguinte mensagem: “Failed to open document.” Será que alguém consegue me ajudar a recuperar? Estou nesse projeto há mais de um mês… Obrigado desde já!

Segue o link do arquivo:

I was able to open your file. It’s no wonder your comp;uter is choking on it with all that geometry. There are lots of reversed faces that need correcting.

Plenty of incorrect tag usage …
Screenshot - 5_24_2023 , 1_50_45 PM
… and unused stuff that should be purged.
Screenshot - 5_24_2023 , 1_52_39 PM
A few excessively large texture materials, too.

After that cleanup the file size is reduced by 78%. It’s still a huge file that could stand some more cleanup but maybe your computer will handle it. As soon as I get ituploaded somewhere I’ll post a link.

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Here’s the link to the purged file.

Before you try to add more stuff to it, clean up what’s there. Simplify the geometry, correct the reversed faces, etc. No point in adding more to it and making your computer struggle again.

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Olá! Consegui abrir. vou fazer a limpeza. Muito obrigado mesmo!

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