Failed to remove license and formatted. If so, are there 2 left out of 3 use opportunities?


My name is Soyang and I live in Korea.
I’m on a 2020 perpetual (no time limit) licensed product.
(Currently, it has become the 2021 version with one-year upgrade support.)

But yesterday, a problem occurred with the SSD, so I couldn’t boot into Windows and formatted it.

So I am very concerned about the following.
As far as I know, before reinstalling sketchup. I have to remove the license. And I know that if I delete sketchup without doing this, one of my 3 chances is used.

So, like now, due to a Windows problem, if I could not remove the license. Was one of the three chances used? Two left now?

So the real question is:
If with these problems, the opportunity to use the license three times is exhausted. So if I get a message from the program that the license is no longer available.

In this case, what should I do?
As I have seen in other posts before, I’ve heard that there is a process for requesting license reinstatement. But I couldn’t find the customer support menu on the homepage. Thanks for letting me know about this!

The license looks at the MAC address in your PC. If you only changed the SSD, the license should add ok, without taking up another activation.

I looked at your license, and you do have a spare activation anyway. Go ahead and add the license to the reformatted SSD, and I will be able to tell you if the activation took away one of the activations you’re allowed.

Thanks for your reply.
When I launched SketchUp 2021 this afternoon, a new version was detected and installation proceeded. But after that, I keep entering my license and it doesn’t work. The message says, “That doesn’t look like a correct Serial Number and unique Authorization Code for this version of SketchUp. Please visit our License Troubleshooting Article, or go directly to the License Manager to find your current license information.” comes out. So, first of all, I have sent an inquiry email. My user name is “MINSUK CHANG” and my company is “Sketch Toon”. I need help. thank you

You only have a license for SketchUp 2021. The newer version is 2022, and you can only get that with a subscription. You need to open SketchUp 2021 and add your license to that version.


Oh, that was my mistake. I thought it was the latest update for 2021, but it turned out to be 2022! I was mistaken without knowing that it was updated to 2022. The problem is now resolved. 2021 is not deleted, it is installed as is. Thank you very much for the quick reply!

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hello. May I ask you one more question? After deleting 2022, the thumbnail icons of sketchup files disappeared as shown in the picture. When I move the mouse over the file, it says 2022 sketchup. As of now, SketchUp 2021 is working fine. These files too, when clicked, will launch into 2021. However, it is still inconvenient because the thumbnails are not visible, and even right-clicking causes it to run, so I cannot use the right-click to set the program connection from 2022 to 2021. Can this problem be solved without reinstalling 2021? :smiley:

It may be a Windows issue that can be fixed. See if this article helps:

Thanks for the quick and accurate reply!

hello. I have one more question about the perpetual licenses of my 2021 sketch up. If the activation code is full due to an unexpected format (eg Windows fails to boot). Can I continue to ask for code resets from Trimble?

Reformatting Windows shouldn’t lead to a new activation. I looked at your license, and even after changing SSDs you still only have one activation.

If you have two motherboard changes in the future, and in both cases it happened so quickly that you didn’t get a chance to remove the SketchUp license, then yes, request help, and support will hopefully be able to do something to help.

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Thank you so much for kindly letting me know! My evil plan of hoping to use the perpetual version by 2160 is now complete!! Have a nice day :smiley: