Failed to obtain active license

I recently updated to Pro '23 and have since had issues with a number of extensions.

AutoMagicDimensions I have paid for (twice whoops) with the email i also use for my trimble account.
The vendor suggests that its an extension manager issue and not a problem on their side.

I get the error message “Failed to obtain active license. License Missing”
I dont even have an option to purchase again.

Has anyone run into this problem before or have any suggestions?

I’ve had problems with licensing of plug-ins from sketchucation, some of them solved by deleting all the licenses in the file even the files that say don’t delete. But with plug-ins from other external developers I haven’t had any issue, I even have the Brighter 3D plugin from the same developer but it works fine and I had no issues adding the license.

I could see something that was incorrect in your account. I fixed that, you should be able to install and get a license now.

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