Fading line weight


Would anyone have solution for fading line weights either in SU or LO?

Or coloring light grey?

I have contour lines that I would like to have appear faded on a landscape plan so as not distract from main site drawing.

Thanks for your help!

If the contours are coming from SU, paint them with a gray color and edit the style for that scene to show edge color by material.

If you want to show the contours with a thinner line weight in LayOut, create a scene showing only the contours and another with the same camera position showing the other entities. Then in LayOut, stack a couple of viewports with the bottom one showing the contours and the top one showing the other stuff. Adjust the Lineweight for each viewport as suitable in the SketchUp Model panel. Put each viewport on a different layer so you can access the bottom one without moving the top one.

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Quickie example showing both coloring the contours–I used green in case gray wouldn’t show up so well in screen shots.

On the left, stacked viewports with the lineweight multiplier set to 0.5 for the contours and 1.0 for the other stuff. On the right, the style for the Contours colored scene set to show edge color by material.

The three scenes for the example.

Black contour edges

Colored contour edges

Other stuff.

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Thanks for the response and instruction.

I tried what you suggested, but my results didn’t work out.

I’m also unclear on the stacking of viewports. Copy and paste on top of one another?

Attaching file if you have a moment to look over?RockRd2.4.19LO.layout.zip (1.9 MB)

Here also is the Sketchup file.

I’m also unclear on the the default file name give upon opening Sketchup file from within Layout.

Do I save this as my new Sketchup file and rename accordingly?

Thanks2453095642_RockRd1_18_19ALT_317.skp|attachment (1.7 MB)

Does this look like what you were expecting? I just turned off the background Site scene which is on the Default layer. Look for the tick box on the Styles tab in the SketchUp Model panel.

You seem to have gotten it. Pasting in LayOut is always Paste in place so you can leverage that. In your file you have three layers, one for each of the three scene. Set up the viewport on the first layer so it’s sized and positioned where you want it. Set the scale, of course. Copy the viewport and then make the next layer active. Right click and choose Paste to current layer. Change the scene selection as desired. In your case, make the next layer active, right click in the main window and again choose Paste to current layer. Change its scene also.

Nope. Just ignore it. After you make the changes to the SKP file and hit Save the original reference SKP file will also get updated. Nothing to struggle with here.


I think I got it and a bit clearer on the process now - will work with this info to get used to the process.

Thanks for the help!

You’re quite welcome. It’s really not a difficult thing so don’t make it harder. :wink:

Here’s a video lesson on stacking viewports: https://learn.sketchup.com/course/working-references/stacking-views

Thanks for the info, great videos

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