Fade shade



Not the name of a new band but a request for something that might already exist in some form.

When shading things it can look good to fade to white from a fully shaded edge. I don’t think there is any native tool to do that unless someone has devised a cunning workaround. I am not aware of any extension that helps either. Does anyone know a way to achiee such a thing without exporting to third party software?


Can you show an example of what you are thinking of?


I think the term is “gradient shading”. I suppose you could do that with a custom material based on a gradient image, but I don’t think SketchUp has any built-in way.


This isn’t a brilliant example but it’s along the right lines. We used to achieve it in manual drawings by using a pencil more heavily near a line and less heavily as you went away from it.



I think I see what you’re referring to. There’s no way to do that in SketchUp without a little outside help. You could create materials or textures that could do that sort of thing and apply them to the model.


I have just been using the inbuilt texture for mirror (to show a mirror!). That has a fade (aka gradient) effect, although you can’t manipulate where it fades from. Shows something like what I want is possible.


Have you tried turning off fixed pins and adjusting the texture that way? You could easily make different gradient images to use as textures.


No. How do you “turn off fixed pins”?


Right click on the applied texture image and choose Texture>Position. Right click on it again and untick Fixed Pins. then you can drag the pins around.