Am I able to fade out textures or entire buildings or objects?


Hi people Im not sure if this is possible within Sketchup, but is there a way of fading out textures / layers / buildings or selected objects similar to the opacity option in photoshop?

I have a building and i want to fade out the neighbouring buildings? Is there a simple way of doing this or will I have to adapt the textures?

I dont want the surrounding buildings to be transparent but to diminish the contrast and the colours?

Thanks in advance


Depending upon where the buildings are relative to the camera and the building you’re trying to show, you might be able to use Fog (Window menu). If the buildings have textures that aren’t the same as the ones on the building of interest, you could edit the materials to reduce saturation and brightness.

Or, you might find it easiest to export several images from the same camera position and combine them in an image editor. Use separate images for the building you want to show and another for the buildings to fade.

This chairs in the background of this image were faded by the use of fog.
Deck Chair 2

And in this one, I combined two exports. One for the table using Shaded with Textures and the other for the chairs using Hidden Line.

Colonial Drop Leaf Table


Fantastic, that is the effect I think I want with the chairs. Was there alot of careful camera placement? Or can I adjust the radius and placement of the fog to my liking?

My building is placed like your table in your second image with a building either side.

Really good examples again. Referring to your second image, when you say 2 exports do you mean 2 objects youve imported from a library?

Actually your images are really sharp. Is there a final option in sketchup for rendering? Usually in other programs after youve completed a model, it then goes on to be rendered to presentation quality, which takes hours? But I only know of the styles tab in SU.

Thanks DaveR


re: Fog. I guess you need to use a little caution in camera placement but it isn’t that big of a deal. Just set it to show what you need to show. Open the fog window and play with the settings. There’s only two sliders.

Well, I drew both the table and the chair models separately and combined them to make the view. What I meant by two different exports is that I made two different image exports. The first one was with textures and shadow on and the chairs and lines for the walls hidden. The second one was with the chairs and walls visible, no shadow and Hidden Line for the face style setting. The lines are one of my own sketchy styles but there are bunch of them included with Sketchup to play with.

Thank you. I’m not sure what you mean by a “final option for rendering”. You can use a variety of renderers, some of which run in SketchUp while others run independently of SketchUp. My preference is to use one that is separate from SketchUp so I can let it chug away while I continue working on something else in SketchUp. Although I do some rendering my preference is for images that have more of a hand draw look. I don’t have any interest in trying to fool viewers into thinking they are looking at a photograph instead of a computer-made drawing.


What Dave showed in his second example image can be achieved somewhat easily in LayOut (included with SketchUp Pro) by overlaying scenes with different styles and different parts of the model hidden: