Best way to export true line drawing?

Any ideas how to get an export of a clean black outline on white background outline like the attached from a 3D model. If I paint everything white and used Shaded face style, well, there’s still shading. Seems like the closest thing I’ve been able to find is to use Hidden Line, change the ground default color to white, and take a screen shot. But even then my model is shaded grey, even after changing the front and back face colors to white. Seems like this should be easy to do and I’m just missing it. Any advice is more than welcome. Thanks!

What version of SketchUp are you using? Please complete your forum profile.

If I wanted and export like that I would set the face style to Hidden Line with a white background, create a scene to show the model as I want it and then send it to LayOut. There I would render the image in Vector and export a PNG.

You can use Sun for Shading and set the sliders to 80 I think and it will be flat white in Monochrome mode.


With Fredo tools, there is a tool that will color everything without shading.

Make sure to pickup libfredo6 too or it wont work.

Set your view to monochrome, open Fredo tools, and then click the color flat mode button. Done.

Seems funny to me to use an extension to do something that is natively available. A bit like using a sledgehammer to drive a thumbtack.


Well, it’s there if they want it, plus all the other cool stuff Fredo tools do.

I wasn’t sure based on the instructions that the result would end up looking like what the flatcolormode does because I had never heard of what you suggested.

Actually, I didn’t even know there was a slider for sun shading, (or even a sun shading tray), and will need to go experiment. Learning new stuff all the time!!

I’m glad this is a setting that can be achieved natively. I did not know it could be done! Thanks!

Crossing up the light and dark sliders isn’t a very obvious thing but it’s useful when you want to show flat colors without any shading. What I described doesn’t require anything but selecting the Hidden Line style.

I use this for shop drawings all the time. Rarely ever worth printing shading or colors for shop drawings.

(Dimensions, labels, and other text hidden for obvious reasons here.)

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Works great :wink:
automated handwork


One way would be to export a Hidden line view to vector, possibly leaving faces out, using either DWG, PDF or EPS format. This would produce vector lines, good for postprocessing in an illustration application.

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Hi, what’s this about I don’t follow. Are we talking about this panel?
I have shadows turned off but I still get this shading here:

No we’re not talking about the Shadows TOOLBAR. Look at the Shadows panel in the Default Tray.

Screenshot - 7_4_2022 , 8_39_35 AM