Faces and edges splitting / displacement

Hi, I have just upgraded to a trial version of Sketchup Pro and am having a problem with the edges and faces of objects becoming displaced after I use the push-pull tool to extrude the face. Then suddently the faces appear in a different location. When I select the faces the edges are also selected, and vice versa.

After the issue arose I created a new file and was diligent about assigning objects to different layers but to no avail. Does anyone have advice? This is causing me so much frustration. Thanks!

The only thing I can tell from your screenshot is that you are using Make2017 Not Pro, but that’s not important.

Sounds like your diligence may be the issue.
Sketchup Layers (now called Tags) do not separate geometry, Groups and Components do that.
Do not assign a layer to any raw geometry, only assign a layer to Groups or Components or Dimensions.
Layers in sketchup are just there for visibility, you use them to hide and unhide multiple things in one go.

Attaching your model would help us see what the issue is.

Actually I think I have figured out the issue - I thought I was using the Pro version I had installed but was actually still using Make - so that must have caused a bug. Am now usign Pro and it has disappeared, sorry!

Thanks Box - appreciate your help and good to know the layers are only for visibility!