Face of pavement

How can I make a surface of my pavement? I know it looks messy I’ve tried to do something with that pencil but it always makes a face of what’s not supposed to be a pavement if that makes sense. image

I would start by drawing a large rectangle that encompasses the entire plan. Select everything and run Intersect Faces. This may add faces where they are missing. In areas where it doesn’t work, you could look for gaps and overruns. Also check for vertices that are not on the same plane as the rest.

Other options include using Drape from the Sandbox tools to drape the lines in your plan onto a large rectangle placed below the plan. Or you could export a 2D DXF file after setting the camera to Parallel Projection (It looks like it’s in Perspective in your screen shot.) and then import the DXF into a new file. If there are gaps and/or overruns, this export/import method may not help completely.

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