Complex Curved Roadway Faces

Hey all. I often model roadways with very subtle curves and grades. I’ll get edge of pavement lines from something like Civil 3D and want to fill in the lines with the face of roadway. Because the edges usually have slight variations in elevation, curvature, etc., I usually draw the face by a clumsy process of triangles until everything is filled. It works, but I’m sure there has to be a better way. Follow me doesn’t work because it yields different results based on whether I use the left or right side of the roadway, and the faces don’t meet up in the middle. Any suggestions?

Picture of my clumsy triangles:

As you have found, faces in SketchUp must be planar and a triangle is the only polygon that is always planar no matter where the vertices lie. So, you aren’t going to avoid having triangles unless the edges of your roadway are broken into nicer pieces - which may not be practical and may not be any easier than the “hand stitching” you have been using. So, the answer may be to find a way that generates triangles more easily than all that hand work.

You might try an extension such as Fredo6 Curviloft to generate a smooth surface between the edges of the roadway.

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