Create Face from Edges

Hey all, new SketchUp user here. I am working on a personal project and created a curve that I want to fill with a face but I cant seem to figure out how to do it, I looked online for search term “Create Face from Edges” but cant find a solution.

Any help would be great, Tks!

You’re looking for a technique called “hand stitching.” This consists of drawing sort of a zig-zag pattern, connecting all the vertices along the curves. As each successive zig and zag are drawn, you will complete the outline of a series of triangles, which always support a face, and as each triangle is completed a face will appear. When you’ve finished creating this row of triangular faces, use Soften/Smooth to make the zig-zag invisible and make the curved surface look smooth and continuous…


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awesome it worked, thanks!

A footnote to Gully’s post: triangles will always work since any three points define a plane for a triangular face. I can’t tell from your image, but it is also possible that four-sided faces would work if the two curves align with each other just so. On occasion a surface made of quads looks better.