Making face to complex edges

Hi everyone. How can i make face for that complex edges? Its too hard to do with drawing lines.

@evected Are you wondering how you eliminate the appearance of lines from the face you show in the image? Or are you trying to figure out how to continue to draw the object (a car?)?

It’s hard because there are so many lines. If you make a low poly car, then it will be easier to manipulate the geometry. After you’ve completed the low poly car, you can use round corner, follow me, or artisan’s subdivide tool to add complexity.

Intersect a plane with the model.

Are you familiar with Curviloft?

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Do you want a vertically-oriented face to span the edges selected in blue in your initial image - in other words, the side of the car? If so, and if those blue edges are all co-planar, then just draw an edge from the first point to the last point on that outline (i.e., from under the front bumper to under the rear bumper).

What TDahl says. If other edges are co-planar.
There are plugins that can make all the points on that edge become co-planar, or you could use soap skin bubble. (see 2nd gif)