Eyeheight measurement is totally off


I’m having a real issue when I set the eye height. If I set it to a surface I a really larger eye height measurement. The view seems right but the measurement is way off so I can’t just type in a dimension like 72" and raise the sys hight from that surface.

To see what was going on I drew a surface at the origin and set eye height to that surface and I got an eye height of 30ish feet. So eye height measurement is locked to some fixed distance below the 0,0,0 reference point rather than the surface I selected.

Did I somehow change some setting?



Are you setting the eye height correctly, select the tool, type in the height you want and hit enter/return and it should retain that height until you change it.


That part works. The issue I’m having is that once you do that the measurement box, the one in the bottom right of the main window, changes to some huge number of feet that’s totally outside of the area I’m working it and is actually in the negative Z direction from the origin.


The measurement box you see in my gif is the same one, it is just the measurement toolbar pulled off the bottom and tools added, which you can do on Win but not on Mac.
So I’m not following what is happening on your system.

Just to check. Select the tool then let go of the mouse and type in mid air 72" and hit return. Then when you click on the face it should go to 72" above the face.


Have the axes been moved from its original position? The Measurements box will display a height relative to the original position regardless of the current axes position.


That may have happened. I’ve had the entire drawing move for some unknown reason and I had to put it back. I do know that the drawing is still on the correct plane since I have an object that’s always lined up on the red line.

I’s 1:15am my time, I’m going to bed.

Thanks guys for the help. I’ll pick this up in the morning.


If you right-click, on one of the axis, you can check if ‘reset axes’ is greyed out.
If it is black, you can reset them


Mike, success that did it. I guess somehow the axes got moved although I have NO idea how that happen.

Jim, Looks like when I thought my drawing moved it was actually the axes that moved.

Also, thanks to everyone else as it clued me into other things to watch out for.


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