Extraordinary problem with Colour Palette in SK2024

SketchupPro 2024 MacOS Sonoma

I am experiencing a quite extraordinary problem in SketchupPro 2024. The problem does not exist in Pro 2023.

When I click on the Texture selector and then open the category drop down I get a list as shown in the attached image. The image shows only about one quarter of the full list which is four times as long as can be seen on the screen.

If I go into this listing and delete the first few unwanted items using the Remove option in the Palette List dropdown option they disappear from the listing. But as soon as I restart Sketchup they come straight back again! They are not permanently removed.

I have checked in User/Library/Application Support for both Sketchup 2024 and 2023. The Materials and Shipped Materials folders contain nothing beyond the standard categories one would expect. I can find no discernible difference between the 2023 and 2024 libraries. So the problem does not seem to lie there.

I have uninstalled Sketchup 2024 and removed the entire Sketchup 2024 folder from User/Library/Application Support. I then reinstalled Sketchup 2024. As one would expect Sketchup 2024 creates a new Sketchup 2024 folder in User/Library/Application Support and opens without any of my previously stored preferences and settings. But, when I open the Colours palette, the bizarre monstrous Materials listing is still there.

Looking at the bizarre nature of the list and the quite extraordinary variety of items on it I can’t begin to imagine how whatever file Sketchup reads for this listing could have been overwritten with such an odd list of items.

Although the source of the corruption may well come from outside Sketchup, the first step would seem to be to get rid of the startup file Sketchup uses and to start clean again in the hope that, in its absence, Sketchup will create a fresh default file.

So does anyone know from what file and folder Sketchup reads this Materials Category information or can anyone provide me with a complete manual uninstall listing that will remove every single trace of Sketchup from my system so I can perform a truly clean install?

This is really frustrating …………. :anguished:

On re-reading my post I realise that my frustration has made me post in a rather aggressive manner without so much as a please or thank you. That is absolutely not my normal nature and was quite unintended. My apologies.

I really could use some help … PLEASE :grinning:

What files are in this folder?


Hi Colin. Thanks for replying.

Here is the folder you specified.

Does this help?

David Mac

That doesn’t look like a problem. How big is that NSColorPanelSwatches.plist file? You could try moving that out for a moment, see if anything changes in SketchUp.

It’s 7kb. I don’t know if it helps but its last modified date is the same as its creation date which is last year long before these problems started.

I moved it out and restarted for good measure as well. Problem is still there. I’ve put it back again as I don’t know if other apps use it…

If I switch back to Sketchup 2023 the problem is not present.

Hmmmmm ………… ?

looks like it’s trying to use most of the library itself as a material list.

if you check the preferences, in FIles, the third choice (materials) where does it point ?

Capture d’écran 2024-04-22 à 18.42.45

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I was going to suggest what ateliernab showed, but you already said you deleted the Applications Support folder, which should have reset the paths. You might as well take a look anyway.

Mais voilà !! Merci Atelierlab! Vous semblez avoir identifié le problème. Sketchup pointe vers mon dossier Application Support sans spécifier le(s) sous-dossier(s) Sketchup. Voici une capture d’écran des premiers éléments de la liste déroulante Matériaux et des premiers éléments de mon dossier “Application Support”.

I am going to continue in english for Colin. Colin as you can see from the screenshot Ateliernab seems to have put his finger on the problem. Sketchup is pointing to Application support without specifying the Sketchup subfolder(s).

I now need to do some research as, in my installation, it would seem that Sketchup is similarly omitting the subfolders for Components, Styles, Classifications and Templates and only pointing to User/Library/Application Support for all of them.

I will come back to you tomorrow. I need time to check the various options and menus for these in Sketchup itself to see if they have problems and also to make comparisons with Sketchup 2023 which is fully functional. I think this is important for Trimble as this now seems to point to possible problems in Sketchup 2024’s installation.

On this topic is there an official uninstaller for Sketchup that gets rid of everyrhing unneeded and leaves a clean slate for a new nstall or update? I haven’t found one. For many updates a full uninstall can be as important as the re-install.

On researching this problem I have come across ‘widowed’ left over Sketchup folders in my Library going right back to V18. Should they really still be there?

More tomorrow when I have had time to look deeper and test.

Merci encore Atelierlab!

David Mac

HI Colin. See my reply to Ateliernab above. Thanks!

Ouuuups! …. Ateliernab. :grinning:

Hi Colin and Ateliernab

I can now confirm that the problem did indeed seem to lie in the Sketchup File Settings.

As freshly installed Sketchup 2024 sets the file locations for Components, Classifications, Materials and Templates to simply User/Library/Application Support only without providing the full path to the Sketchup 2024 folder or the appropriate subfolders within it.

I have set these to the appropriate folders and, fingers crossed, all now works fine.

I should repeat that before reinstalling Sketchup 2024 I completely deleted the old User/Application Support/Sketchup 2024 folder and all its contents to ensure that the installation would be as clean as possible. However, nonetheless, it installed as described above.

However there is an oddity. The path to Templates is greyed out. I cannot Edit or Open the Templates folder from Sketchup Settings. It points only to User/Library/Application Support and cannot be changed. However it works! I saved a personal template as a test and it now appears in the template listings under My Templates when I use File > New From Template and it has been saved in User/Application Support/Sketchup 2024/Sketchup/Templates as one would expect … even though settings does not point there!

So, at this point, all seems to work OK despite some anomalies. It remains to be seen if on my next update this all happens again and I have to manually set these folders.

I have now since discovered that there is a also a bunch of Sketchup preferences in User/Library/Preferences. It is tempting to try removing these as well as the other support files and then re-installing Sketchup really clean. However I have lost a lot of time to this already so, since I am floating peacefully, I think it perhaps wiser that I simply take care not to rock the boat. :wink: :grinning:

I do however wonder, Colin, if there are perhaps implications here for Trimble’s trouble shooters.

Thank you both for your help with this oddity.

David Mac

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Voir mon message à Colin ci-dessus et merci encore pour votre aide! :grinning:

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yeah, that one has been so for some time.

if you look in my screenshot, it’s greyed as well, and it has a weird path, but despite that, it’s linked properly. go figure.

Sometimes it’s easier just to give in! :roll_eyes: