Extra clicks or keystrokes needed


I am not able to use Sketchup because every action I take is delayed by essentially one key stroke or mouse click. For example, to select a surface I need to click with the mouse and then press any key. Sometimes a double click works, but that can get very confusing since the second click also ends the action when drawing etc.

I used an old version of Sketchup for a long time with no problems but then sadly “upgraded” to a more recent version of “Make.” I searched the forum and found at least one other person with the same issue, but no help. Maybe a graphics card issue? It is my work computer and as best I can tell, it has an NVIDIA graphics card and is running Windows 7 professional. Any help will be appreciated.


Go to Window/Preferences/OpenGL and untick use Hardware acceleration.
Restart SU.

If that appears to fix your problem then it it is a Graphics Card issue and might be fixed by upgrading your Graphic Card drivers.


It might be that instead of deactivating Hardware Acceleration, only unchecking Fast Feedback might be enough. But first try upgrading the Nvidia driver.

(BTW, how do a “work computer” and SketchUp Make go together?)



I am allowed use my work computer (laptop) at home.


Sure seems like a strong case against using Make.


Figure out exactly what video driver / version you’re using by typing Windows_Key-R, then dxdiag (direct x diagnostics). Once it’s run, the display tab will tell you your video card and drivers, versions etc… Post here or search forums on that card + driver to see if there have been issues with it.


[quote=“jvleearchitects, post:5, topic:15262”]
use my work computer (laptop) at home
Sure seems like a strong case against using Make.
[/quote] Unless of course… any SketchUp work that you do “at home”, using your own “SketchUp Make”, is kept completely separate, and NEVER gets into your office’s “commercial workflow”…
It’s quite simple: SketchUp Make is for non-commercial work… otherwise use SketchUp Pro - it’s a ‘commercial’ application.


FYI, dxdiag doesn’t seem to work correctly. On my laptop it reports the Intel HD chip and ignores my Nvidia card. And as it is about DirectX, it tells nothing about OpenGL.



You’re not in power saving mode, are you. Have you tried going into High Performance mode?


No. Even when SketchUp is running, and it is set to use the Nvidia card, the report is the same. My PC is set into High Performance mode by default.