Extra category in Colours for User Selected Colours

Hi all,

One thing I find really hard to use is the Colours palette - once you’ve imported a few models it becomes very unwieldy, and unless you have a ninja’s eye it can be hard to pick the colours and materials that you deliberately picked or set up.

Therefore my suggestion is this: a new category is set up called User Picked Colours or similar, and that it ONLY shows the colours (and materials) that a user has purposefully chosen, not those imported by bringing in stuff from the warehouse or other external sources.

I think it’s a great idea :smiley:



You can always purge unused to get rid of all the materials and components tht you downloaded, but are not being used in the model.

On Mac, you can’t have two lists open like on Windows (collections)
Since there hasn’t been real improvements for materials on Mac, you can create a list of your preferred colors and textures and just use that, no need to bother what comes in with the 3D warehouse assets.

They do come in sequentially until save and then reopening the file.

Another trick is to resize the color panel real small (like one row) and then sample existing colors in the model view (hit ‘B’ for the tool, then hold Cmd to pipet colors in the viewport)

That way, it’s easier to have them selected and apply on other faces or objects.

Any improvement to the material browser would be very welcome!!

I think a sorting tool would add a lot of user friendliness.

We can view them in List mode, but that’s not overly useful unless you have some specific naming convention. Even the default colours get mixed up in the list, because they start with the Letter first (A01, B04, etc).

What if they could be sorted using columns (like in Windows). Fields could include;
Type (colour vs material, vs transparent material)
Hue (H value)
Date Added to model
Date Modified (edited)
File Size (or pixel size)
Hidden/Visible (ie visble to the camera at that moment in time)

and, ideally, be able to group materials together, eg if they came along with an imported component, or if i just want ot make a Group of materials in my model for some reason.

Another optiom might be to offer two browsers/editors:
Basic and Advanced, working natively as alternatives.
Advanced could bring the sorting options plus some additional editing properties such as material proxies/file references, and some common rendering settings like reflectiom, emission, roughness.


Sorry for the slow reply - had posted here and forgotten about it!

I know about purge, but on complex models that you’ve built from a DWG and with lots of components and imported models it barely makes a difference

Great suggestions :slight_smile: