Material names below the material thumbnails

I wish the material names will be visible in beneath the material thumbnail!


If you place the cursor on a color or material and keep it there for a second or 2 you get a pop-up stating the name of the color or material.

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Thanks…yes I know. But seeing it instantly will be very handy!

Yes this would be great! Perhaps even options for list view, thumbnail view, thumb with names.

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There’s already List View and Thumbnail view options, at least on PC.
Screenshot - 11_30_2023 , 4_17_08 PM

Wow, really jealous. Don’t have that on Mac that I can find…? i really wanna be wrong and just not be looking in the correct place. I see no options anywhere:

What’s under the Color dropdown? I gave up on SketchUp on Mac almost a decade ago and don’t remember.



LOL yep, that captures it perfectly.

no, the mac panel does not have a list mode. also, it’s not alphabetical, it’s chronological.

because it’s the default Apple panel. still.

One more good reason to unify the mac version with the PC one :slight_smile:


I’m working on a PC and I actually always use Listview. However, sometimes, in large models when I use the picker tool I have to click two times before I see the material name. This can be more efficient and can be implemented easily I think.


For MAC users I wrote a tool to list the materials by name in a separate dialog - about 9 years ago…