Sketchup (Mac) materials almost never show list view option



Why is it that I can never see the list view for materials? Once in awhile I see it, but then it’s gone…


Because, AFAIK, there isn’t and never has been a List view of materials in the Mac version. Oft requested, for years, but not present even in SU2017.

You do get the word ‘List’ showing in the Materials window, like this:

but all you ever see is grid of images. Hover the mouse over one, and you will see its name. I can’t screen grab that - the popup disappears when I start the screen grab tool.


then why did I used to see intermittently on a Mac? Weird…


I’m relatively new to using a Mac - Dos and Windows for three decades before getting an iMac just under a year and a half ago.

Longer term Mac users may be able to shed further light…


As far as I know it’s never been available on MAC.
I wrote this to list materials by name:

I think @john_drivenupthewall might have written some hacky code to add it in on a MAC ?
Perhaps he can chip in…


it was really a proof of concept that added one of the “Apple” default ColorPickers inside SU…

it only worked for the ‘Named Colors’ collection and not ‘In Model’ so I didn’t pursue it…



It finally randomly re-appeared! It’s a very rare occurrence these days, but I wasn’t crazy…!


I found that unless it was showing when you close the window, it can be a pain to get back…

I had to change the nib file to show it in the first place, so it surprises me you do see it ever…



how do you change the nib file?


Super weird. I have never seen it listed like that on MAC, I wish I could replicate it. How did you do it? What’s your secret… what magic is entailed… :smile:


I’d love to know too, and implement the change on my machine!

Otherwise, to see a material name, I find, I have to hover over the icon image, and wait… and sometimes wait some more…, to get a tooltip with the name.


you need to have the Apple dev tools and some knowledge of how to use them, I did it in SU v7 and then had to update it for SU v8…

for v13/14/15/16 I was able to use that same nib, but in v17 it no longer works ‘out of the box’…

to be honest I did it so long ago, I can’t remember the exact settings needed…

it looked like this in v15:



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