How do I view the materials as a list on a Mac?

Hello everyone,

I’ve seen this question in a couple of posts, but I still can’t find the answer. Is this a bug, or is it some sort of “Mac feature”? If so, it makes working as an interior designer in SU on a Mac quite difficult.
Thanks in advance for any tips on how to solve this.

Mac M1, SU 2023 / 2024, macOS Ventura / Sonoma.

Can you explain a bit better?

Are you speaking of a list of all the materials in a particular model?

On a Mac you can select the paint bucket (B). This will automatically bring up the color pallet window. Usually it populates with the “color crayons” visible.

But if you mash that icon that looks like a brick that will bring up the list of materials available. There is now a dropdown section available to you. click on that.

In that list there is a one called “Colors in Model”. This will give you all the materials you have currently assigned or have used in that model.

If you want some deeper level of control over Materials I might suggest you take a look at a plugin that one of my business partners created called Material Modes. She is an interior designer like yourself and uses this plugin to perfection for her presentation drawings.

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SketchUp does use a modified Mac system color palette, and stays within the limits of what that can do. It doesn’t have a list view, and so nor does the one in SketchUp.

There’s this oldie…