View materials as a list

Hi, I work on interior design projects. I use a lot of different materials like the Ral or Tollens color charts. So far I can see the small squares in the window materials and the name appears when I pass the mouse over. I would like to see a list with the thumbails and the names next to it. Do you know any plug in to do so ? Or is there a function to display the window differently ? Thanks a lot for your help.

There ARE different views - including list view. But not a view combining small thumbnails and list:

The OP’s question pertains to the Mac version.


TIG has a material list plugin. Materials from list. It’s not the whole answer to a poor system. You get a drop down list, then you get to paint that material. There’s no thumbnail.

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I see that, now that you’ve pointed it out. In my defense (admittedly weak), that information required checking the OP’s profile - it wasn’t contained in the text of the post.

That’s why there’s a place in the user’s profile for SketchUp version and operating system. So others can easily find out and answer the question appropriately.

Tanks for your reply but the function doesn’t exist on Mac… I checked the TIG plug in but I could not find it. Would you have a link for download ? Thanks again

On Sketchucation: