How do I see materials in their names


I used to be able to see my materials in their names, instead of thumbnails, when I was using the Windows version.

However after I switched to the mac version of Sketchup. I really couldn’t figure out how to do that anymore.

Does anyone know anything about this? Thanks a million in advance.

I wrote a simple plugin RB file several years ago to give MAC users a sorted material-name-list to choose from…
Now available as an RBZ - from the SketchUcation PluginStore v1.1

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Mac setup is different, it just simply doesn’t allow for a list of all the material names like PC :frowning:
Either you can use plug-ins
RIght click the material you want, right click, edit and then you can edit/see the name. However this just so you can see the name, one at a time, not great if you want to see them all.

Thanks for the replies!