Idea #1, Sandbox the program and let any issues run independent of the rest of the computer.
There is serious issue with all the extensions on sketchup pro, there is one extension (this subtract, addition ect… entroth extension) issue#1, removed and reinstalled, when I reinstalled it worked not for the larger programs but for the smaller ones! issue #2. Face extension ( completely overclocks white screen) Issue #3, X extension…
Can anyone help direct me as to how/steps to make the extension service more robust.

The issues you are seeing are not normal. What are the names of the extensions that are causing issues?
When you installed SU , did you right click on the downloaded file and choose run as administrator from the menu? If not do so and choose the option to repair the program.
Also please update your profile with the exact model of your graphics card.

the extension is subtract, eneroth solid tools, I’m reinstalling it, the other set of tools was (I found out, an expired liscence(going to the page, installing it after uninstalling(enabling(unenabling)))+ 10$ and he has 200,000+ people using, so 2million if that is mostly subscribers^(create extension and follow the model#)
doesn’t recognize(@subtract) complex (>7 faces) ?!.

Did you bought the extension with the same emailaddress? Or did you create a new for the subscription?

issue(extension not working: solved-logged into the extension store(extension(trial void[bought {solved!}]))
The now issue is with the large objects(subtraction)_eneroth solidtools(:

issue{maybe you are running in to (bound) limits} Void{ try to scale up}(or break into (void) little pieces?