Extensions not showing

Hey there,

I don’t know how but after uninstalling/reinstalling sketchup and v-ray the toolbars/boxes where i could click on and run the extensions are not showing up anymore…
Note that the extensions ARE installed and working, but I find it uncomfortable not having them on my screen. Does anybody know how to make them show up again ?


Here for the second screenshot, i can only post one pic per message

Do you mean the ones that are under View menu -> tool palettes?
Or did you have their icons in your toolbar? Right click on the toolbar and choose “Customise Toolbar” or View Menu -> “Customise Toolbar”, then drag out the ones you want.
Edit: you’re adding images as I type this. I only see V-Ray in your Extensions menu. Are there other extensions that should be there?

Hey thanks for the fast answer.

I meant that, I had a little icon for the mirror tool that was floating on my screen on which I could click to activate the mirror tool. Just like for v-ray (and btw it’s my only extensions so it’s fine if there’s only v-ray), but since I did the reinstallation they don’t show up.

Those icons, with the pink triangle and all the v-ray stuff :

PS : they don’t show on the “Customise toolbar” menu

They are your tool palettes, that was my first guess above ^

Hahaha I feel quite dumb knowing the solution was so easy. Thank you very much McGordon, have a nice day !

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