V-Ray extensions not loading

I recently updated Sketchup and all my extensions vanished. OK. My licensed copy of V-ray also vanished. I twice went through the steps of “V-Ray won’t activate” V-Ray Fails to Activate | SketchUp Help and have restarted my computer several times and still nothing. I can install extensions from the Extension Warehouse (to replace the ones I lost). This is frustrating and taking tons of time I’d rather be “drawing”.

Updated from what to what? If from the 2021 indicated in your profile to 2022, your extensions didn’t vanish. They would still be installed in SU2021. They just need to be installed in SketchUp 2022. Best practice is to get the latest versions of the various extensions from their sources and install them to make sure they are all installed correctly. This would also apply to installing Vray for SketchUp so it gets installed for SU2022.