VRay extension didn't load to program after latest Sketchup Studio 2024 update

I recently did an upgrade to Sketchup Studio 2024 and VRay extension didn’t load to back into Sketchup, along with another extension I recently added. Forgive my inexperience, but should I delete the existing program files from my hard drive before re-downloading from my account, or will the new download override the existing files. I just don’t want to take up space on my computer if I can help it.

You need to re-load all your extensions with each major upgrade. Look for a download link for VRay and install it, and select 2024 when prompted.

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Thanks bmike! Does the new download override the existing VRay files on my hard drive or will it create new additional files? Do you delete old VRay program files then re-download?

I don’t believe so. It should install only for the version you select during the installation.