Upgrading from Pro 2022 to 2023. Where is VRAY?

I currently have a 2022 Sketchup Pro version license. I updated to 2023 through a prompt I received when I opened Sketchup. I thought I would get VRAY once I updated to 2023.

Are you able to get VRAY from an upgrade or do you have to purchase a new license? My license was renewed about a month ago.



Vray is included in the Studio license.
If you have a Pro license, it’s not included.

I’m not privy with the commercial side of Sketchup, but if you contact them directly they will help you eventually upgrade to studio, if Vray is what you want.

Thanks so much. I thought so but I felt a bit conned pushing me to upgrade then leaving that out. I get it. It is marketing and rules but I felt it was a bit low. They should give you an option to purchase it for a small additional fee. Oh well.

If you have a valid or current Studio or stand alone V-Ray license, you just need to re-install it for SketchUp v.2023…Like all extensions, V-Ray doesn’t migrate automatically.

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