Vray gone af update SU 2023

I have SU pro and seperate vray Preminum. After update SU 2022 to 2023 my V-ray is gone in SU. And it is not under extensions.
If I try to load V-ray standalone outside SU I will just see a “dos prompt” excecuting window.
How do I get V-ray into SU 2023 so I can see the toolbar again ?

I would guess that re-installing V-Ray would prompt it to see SketchUp 2023 and install the required extensions. If you feel adventurous you can try copying V-Ray extension and its folder from the SketchUp 2022 extensions folder to the 2023 one but the first option is the one to be recommended.

Thanks - Yes that might be the solution.

Solved - you were right :slight_smile: thanks

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