Extensions aren't showing up?

I am walking through the trainings for sketchup, and am on the landscaping phase. One of the main extensions for it is Sandbox tools. It’s on my list of enabled extensions. But the panel isn’t showing. So I can’t use it. Am i missing something? It’s enabled. and I’ve disabled it, and reenabled it. And it doesn’t show.


Where are you looking for Sandbox tools?

It has two entries - one in the Draw menu and one (with different submenus) in the Tools menu.

And you can optionally show a Toolbar (Tool pallette on Mac) using View/Toolbars/Sandbox or View/Tool pallettes/Sandbox on Mac.

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Which version of Sketchup Pro?
"Newest’ isn’t an operating system. Windows 7, Windows 10, or a version of Mac OS X are the proper responses.
And search the web for how to identify your graphics card.

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