Extensions 2017....FAIL


Arrrrggghhh I hate Sketch up Pro 2017… I hate it.

The new extensions management if utter ■■■■ that needs to be tested more before release.
When I went from 2015 > 2016, reinstalling my extensions was so easy I loved it.
What the hell is going on with this new implementation!!
First, it doesn’t remember ANY of what it used to call “My Extensions” that lovely list that (when logged in) showed the plugins I had installed previously and from there it was a simple task to get them on your new version…FAIL.
Trying to reinstall the Artisan Plugin…FAIL. Reinstall doesn’t seem to recognise an RB file so I can’t install it…FAIL
Now let’s be clear about something here…I don’t muck about with setting up sketch up constantly. Once a year a new one comes out and I install it and set it up. The past couple of years it has been a breeze…this year EPIC FAIL.
Thank god I got 2017 just before my maintenance runs out as I’d ask for a refund otherwise
I want to USE Sketchup, not waste time trying to install plugins with no success…haven’t drawn anything with it yet because of this.


Sorry to hear you are having problems. I’ve installed SketchUp 2017 on five different computers so far and in every case I was able to let the Extension Manager automatically install the extensions and plugins I have from the Extension Warehouse. And it was done flawlessly.

Plugins you might have that are stand alone .rb files have never been installed automatically in any version of SketchUp. They need to be zipped up into an rbz file. Most plugins have been edited by their authors so they can be installed automatically. If you have some that aren’t, compress each one into a zip file and change the file extension to .rbz. Then use Install Extension to install them.

Make sure the Loading Policy isn’t too strict. click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the Extension Manager and set it as appropriate.


I did it all manually through the warehouse in the end although I will point out that warehouse didn’t want to work initially remaining a blank window.
I think the problem is that the Sketch up account seems to have gotten messed up with “who” I am.
Originally I set up my account with an email address I use to direct all the rubbish we are forced to sign up to these days.
On buying Sketch up back with 2014, I didn’t want to “create an account” I’m fed up with having accounts and passwords for everything, it’s no wonder online fraud is so rife as there are so many databases on the net of our details because we are forced to make accounts for things that don’t need them.
Anyway, I switched to using Google to sign in back on SU2015 but despite amending the email used only half the programs seem to recognise me correctly, the rest uses the original details.
For example if I open sketch up 2017 and open the Extension Manager, it lists me as my original user name (but it won’t let me edit that in the settings!) whilst pulling up the extension warehouse recognises me from the current detail via google.
Started using google login as aside from being handy, the normal method seems to have forgotten me.
In essence it highlights what a pain in the rear all this account stuff can be.
“If” it would let me edit the incorrect / old profile parts it would probably be OK but it won’t and frankly I shouldn’t have to mess about to this extent to start using the program for it’s intended purpose.


Currently there is an issue with Extension Warehouse and recognizing the versions. The shipped and published versions are updated and include 2017 support.



SU Pro2017 Extension manager keep poping a window saying that I need to update an extension, its Fredo6 LibFredo6. When I click on UPDATE, it says: Failed to update Fredo6 LibFredo6. Unable to read extension archives.
Then I click uninstall and reinstall via the Extension warehouse… it works!
The extension manager is a great thing but maybe needs a few tweeks. I think we have to be a bit patient with new features. Of course it would be great if everything would work perfectly the first time but life is not like that.


mines doing that too, very annoying.


When you see that error message from the Extension Warehouse, log off - either through that little person icon in the status bar or in the extension manager. Then log back in. That should clear out the cobwebs.


Tried that. Still didn’t work. Will try again tomorrow


What is the problem with this extension didn’t work with me too :heart_eyes: