Extension Warehouse Validation is broken

I submitted an extension to the extension warehouse last Saturday. I received the canned response saying that the extension will be validated automatically and then sent for review. No other emails. I decided I would be patient, and wait.

This morning my patience ran out, and I hit the publish button again. I got the similar response, followed closely (4 minutes later) by a Validation Failure due to the automatic system thinking there were rbe or rbs files being in the rbz zip package. Of course, there were none.

Searching the forums I found Why does validation of my extension fail because of encrypted files?, so now I’ve zipped the package using 7zip, and re-published.

I’ve received the email once again saying that I will be notified once the automated review system has completed. There has been no follow up email. Has it stalled? Should I keep trying to publish or will this simply place my extension on the back of the queue?

There is nothing in the status of the extension to indicate that it has progressed any further in the queue.
The published column states ‘Draft’ for the extension.
The Manage Store page has ‘NEEDS_REVIEW’ beside the extension.

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I just received another email from the ‘Extension Warehouse Robot’

Dear Developer,

Your extension has failed our automated validation test. Please correct the following issue(s) and then resubmit your extension:

.rbs and .rbe file extensions are not allowed in the .rbz package. Please remove those files and include only unencrypted .rb files (and of course all other files your extensions needs). Select the type(s) of encryption you would like and we will encrypt your files for you. All .rb files, except for the root .rb file, will be encrypted.
The root directory must only contain one directory.

-Extension Warehouse Robot

Stupid Robot.
So what can I do now?

I’ve gone through each file and added a # at the top to ensure that the CRC is different. Then resubmitted. I have received the automated reply ‘Thanks for your recent submission to publish …’, but I have not received a reply from the Extension Warehouse Robot. So I don’t know if it has failed again or not.

What’s the name of your extension?
Can you PM me the RBZ you are trying to upload?

I think I found it; “glTF”, right?

Note that extensions are not moderated during weekends and holidays. And this time of year many people are on holidays so things are going slower.

Did you hit resubmit without uploading a new RBZ? (There looks to be an issue with that.)

It’s not failed, we’re just backlogged due to the summer vaction.

That’s the one! I’m glad you found it.

It isn’t summer here, so I didn’t consider that. :slight_smile:

Thanks ThomThom, you deserve a cookie!

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This has happened to me too numerous times, over several years. If I don’t get any feedback within a day or two I always submit again. On one occasion after re-submitting I’ve even got the feedback saying the error persists, as if I had been informed about it previously.

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