Extension being published without being reviewed (and other oddities)

Something is really fishy about the warehouse.

Some week ago I submitted an updated version for an extension. It failed the review because of an error in the code so I submitted it again. It failed again but this time I just couldn’t replicate the error at all, for me everything worked as expected. Also the feedback is now sent from a no-reply email so I couldn’t contact the reviewer and get more information regarding the error.

Finally I just added some extra error handling, hoping the feedback from the reviewer would help me find out why the error occurred, and no actual bug fix and submitted it again. This time the plugin was instantly updated as it is when only the description changes, not the RBZ file. I’ve downlaoded the extension myself (twice even) and the RBZ was indeed replaced by the new one I’d just uploaded. Also all pages on the warehouse loaded quite a lot slower than usual when this happened.

I suppose it’s not intended to have extensions published without being reviewed. Also I hope it’s not intended to send the feedback from a no-reply address because it makes life harder for plugin developers and I find it quite impolite and unprofessional since developers sometimes need to be able to get back to the reviewer with questions

It keeps getting weirder. When I tried to edit the extension again (this time just to remove “Beta” from the title) the RBZ was missing in the form. Previously the old version has always been viewed and you’ve had to click a specific button to remove it before being able to upload a new version.

I couldn’t proceed and save the changed name without uploading the RBZ again and this time it was added to the review queue and not instantly published. However the version I uploaded 15 minutes or so earlier is still live without having passed the review.