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Hello everyone!
Today I’ve added my first extension for the review. I immediately got a robot response that rbz should not contain encrypted files. My mistake. By the way, I’m all scared and excited at the same time :crazy_face:!
I fixed the rbz file as required., and the first thing that surprised me is that I have to add the rbz and all the other data again. Tutorials and everything else.
What I’m interested in, should I think something is wrong if I first waited for 5 minutes, and now nothing happens for a few hours?
In addition, when I click on the link: “View Drafts and Submissions”, there is nothing! There are not even any saved drafts. How do I add a corrected extension?
Please, help this poor beginner!
Thank you!

You shouldn’t have to enter any data again, except the RBZ. The old draft still exists and can be edited. However, for some time now the draft and submissions list have omitted the drafts. This could be a dirty fix for an issue in the review process when a new version was uploaded while the review was running. It’s a pity it is hidden though because the site was much easier to sue when you could actually see your own content.

Regarding feedback you probably won’t get any until the extension is live. I think the first email says something about feedback being sent out once the automatic review is finished and the extension has been queued for manual review, but it doesn’t happen.

Thank you for your help!
Drafts are this drop-down list that appears when I start entering characters?
I really do not understand how to update an existing submission in the future.
When I go back to the submission page, she looks the same way she looked when I was there for the first time. No new data, no old data. There is nothing. I’ve even tried uploading a file, and it does not allow me to move on to the next step until I complete all the other data. I’m not sure I understand you? I’m sorry!
The only new thing I have is those drop-down lists that look like the history of typing on a web search engine.

That sounds like an auto-complete, which would mean you are filling in the form for a new separate extension. The link saying something was wrong with the extension should have a link to the form for that specific extension.

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Excellent! That explains everything!
I did not get a link! Probably I had to do everything from scratch because the files were encrypted.
Thank you!

The old draft should still be there. Do you know the exact title you submitted it with? In that case you should be able to navigate to the extension’s page. For instance “Eneroth Visual Merge” has the adress Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse. spaces are converted to hyphens and all characters are made lowercase.
I found something I did when I realized that the icon looks bad. The draft is in step 2. I changed the icon and then sent it.
This has been since I sent encrypted files by mistake.
But if it’s just a draft, then it does not matter.
It would be really nice to see the submissions, just as drafts. It might be so when I get the next mail with some kind of link.

Now I see that you have your problems with ExtWerh. :worried:

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