Developer drafts and submissions page not working


I have am having trouble figuring out what happens when i try to add new extensions to my developer store.
I have filled out the form, saved a draft, submitted the form and have gotten no email and the ‘view drafts and submissions page’ is blank.

so the next day i checked and sure enough still blank and still no email. so i re-drafted it. saved as a draft. exited, re-navigated to the view drafts and submissions page, still nothing. no draft saved.

I though it might be a timeout thing since my first publish tool a little while to fill out the for. so i started from scratch and filled it out quick, reviewed it and published for review.

the ‘view drafts and submissions’ page remains blank

is anyone else having trouble submitting extensions for review? or have any clue as to what might be going on?


“Drafts and submissions” no longer show drafts that are in the review queue. To access them you have to figure out what the address to them is, based on the name you gave them.


We’d think drafts should be shown in a “Drafts” group, … submissions in a “Submitted” group, … and those in the review process in a “Under Review” group.

Perhaps also a “Rejected” group ? Or, maybe rejects become a draft again with attached review notes ?


Or just all in an alphabetic order and different background depending on their status. (as it used to be) You usually know what name you are looking for but not what group it would be in.


Was any reason given for things not working ?


Nope. However, just before this changed the Extension Warehouse got stuck with one of my extensions, trying to validate the same files over and over, failing the automatic review because they contained encrypted files (those that had been generated by EW itself). This may have been caused by me finding an error in my own code and re-submit before the review was finished. One theory is that the EW team tried to work around this issue by just hiding parts of the UI, instead of making a new submission stop the ongoing review of that same extension. Just a theory though.