Extension Warehouse Editor and Draft Release

I am trying to update my extension, called CutList Bridge 4.4, to show it is supported in version 2021. However the Publish Changes button remains greyed out regardless of changes I make.

I am also trying to release a new extension for approval. I have a completed draft, which is saved, but under the Save Draft button is a link called Why can’t I publish?. When I click this link I get the message Website is invalid, which is a totally useless message.

Anyone seen this?


Hi @jpz Joe, sorry for your trouble. We’re looking into this.

There might be something missing in the extension form, such as testing instructions, in addition to something being broken in the Extension Warehouse’s feedback. Can you go over the form again and make sure everything is filled in? You could also try reloading the page.

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Are you seeing a “Why can’t I publish” link?


If so, what does that say?

Will do.

Yes, but as I said, when I click this link I get the message Website is invalid, which doesn’t help much.

I went back to both the new draft extension (called CutList Bridge LX) and the current extension (called CutList Bridge 4.4) which I updated to show 2021 support. Nothing is missing from either. I have also tried reloading the page. Didn’t help. I seem to be locked out.


Hi Joe, the issue is that the url you are linking to is not https. If you can change that it should work. If you can’t change that please DM me. Thanks.

Hi Peter,

I am not sure what you mean by the url I am linking to. My draft extension has a url as follows:

I left the long set of characters out because they may be a security issue. But notice that my draft page is an https url. Are you referring to something else?


Sorry, I can’t include the url of my draft page, but it does begin with https//.

You can always private message Peter with sensitive information.

Thanks Dan. I already did that. Haven’t heard back yet.


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