Extension Warehouse took down my extension when I deleted a draft

The Extension Warehouse ‘my extensions’ page took down my extension when I deleted a draft. How can I get my extension back on to the page? I don’t want to have to resubmit an already accepted extension for approval nor type in the description and all the rest all over again. The reason I resubmitted the extension was because the sales page wasn’t showing a trial button for my extension. I thought it was the only way to get a trial button on to the sales page.

I deleted the draft because the reviewer denied the review. I didn’t want the draft just hanging around on ‘my extensions’ so I deleted it. Now the extension isn’t in the EW anymore.

In my opinion, the EW needs some serious attention.

I’ll escalate this with the EW team.

What was the name of the extension?

This is the extension that lacked a trial. Since the latest submission had no changes to the extension, only a request to enable a trial, and since it is outside the power of the reviewer to change such properties, I rejected the the new submissions.

Deleting the draft should not have removed the extension. This sounds like a serious bug.

Given the general state of EW, I would recommend to keep personal copies of extension descriptions, summaries, imagery, compatible versions and other details.

Personally I keep the description and imagery with my own source code repository, but I don’t have a proper backup of compatibility.

Ouch! Seems like I have lost it all. :frowning_face:

Is there anything I can do to retrieve some of the lost info?

The extension is called WinDoor+ (commercial name) and WinDoorPlus in the code.

Thank you tt_su for escalating the issue. It really is annoying for the ‘my extensions’ page not to give a warning that it is going to remove your extension from the EW if you proceed to delete the draft.

Maybe the Wayback Machine ?

You would need to know the URL to your extension.

What is the Wayback Machine?

The URL would be something like this:-

extensions.sketchup.com/extension/my extension branch/WinDoor+

“my extension branch” being a 36 character string of numbers, letters and minus signs which I don’t know.

Thats what the URL to another extension I have looks like.

Once is awhile you might try using Google to do a search.

If you have a copy of your extension installed anywhere, it should have a file embedded by the EW called “extension_info.txt”. The EW extension ID will be in this file.

I noticed that suplugin.com keeps historical versions to download many (maybe even every) extension version of extension warehouse. Not that I am so happy with that myself, honestly, but in this case it could help you:

For the extension to disappear after removing a draft - that sounds like a bug, a very bad bug. I’m not sure what the latest status on this is internally. I’ll know more when the US office wakes up.

I don’t have a copy of a downloaded extension. I use my own development version of the extension. I would have to pay for my own extension otherwise. Once, long ago, I downloaded a trial, just to make sure it worked. Hey! I’ve just realised. Maybe that is why I was not seeing a trial button on the sales page for my extension? That would be the ultimate.

Thank you. I got some images and text from the EW page my extension was on. That is helpful.

I’ve tested myself and can confirm that deleting a declined submission also deletes the live version of the extension.

This may be the first time someone deletes the submission rather than submitting a new version.

Usually a new draft is made because there are changes made to the extension, and it is declined because it doesn’t fulfil the requirement, and is updated to fulfill those requirements. In this case an unchanged version of the extension was re-submitted in an attempt to have SketchUp staff enable the trial period, it was rejected because the reviewer (in this case me) doesn’t have the ability to do that and because there was nothing to review really, and the submission was deleted because there was no changes to be made to have it approved. Deleting the submission incorrectly deleted the live version, but as this may be the very first time a submission is deleted, this hasn’t been found before.

I’ve forwarded to the EW team how to reproduce this and what needs fixing, including the original issue with enabling trials which exposed this bug.


Any chance of the EW team putting my extension back? I have no way of contacting them directly. Thanks for any assistance you can afford.

Would the fact that long ago I downloaded a trial, just to make sure it worked, have affected the appearance/non-appearance of the trial button? It was not just me not seeing it. A customer reported it missing to me, which is what alerted me to the problem.

I have a meeting with Peter, the product manager of Extension Warehouse, later today. Let’s se what we can do!

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Thank you soo much!

Do you know when your most recent version was submitted (other than that with no change to it)? A version from Thursday, December 19 2019 has been found.

Yes, I have an .rbz from the 29th of July 2021. Most likely I submitted it the same day.

If nothing else is found I’d be happy with the December 19 2019 version of the web form/page.

Thank you again for helping.

The EW team has dug up a previous version of the plugin. I don’t know if it has the current RBZ, but if not you should be able to submit an update.